Welcome to the Pocono Bluegrass & Folk Society.
Our purpose is to provide information about Bluegrass around the Poconos.


During most of the year, PB&FS hosts monthly shindigs on the first Sunday of the month. We also host Winterfest- an annual Bluegrass music festival every January. Winterfest ‘20 will be held January 24-26th, 2020.


We are a nonprofit, all volunteer, membership organization funded in part by the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts, administered locally by the Pocono Arts Council.

Want to get involved? Contact us about playing a shindig, becoming a volunteer or make a donation to keep the Bluegrass playing!

Bluegrass is one of the great American Art Forms that has spread around the world. It has its roots in Irish, Scottish, English traditional music and was brought with the immigrants from those places to the hill country and low lands of the Appalachian Mountain Chain. The music survived many years in the seclusion of those places until the great migrations of the early part of the twentieth century. Then, combined with the African rhythms of jazz and blues and mass media in the form of radio and records it moved into its currently recognizable form. This brought Bluegrass into the great population centers where it was cherished by the migrants and grew to be “music to the ears” of many in the general population.